Luminox Light Technology, ALWAYS VISIBLE

Luminox has gained worldwide recognition for the durability, dependability, and visibility of its watches. Produced from superior quality materials and manufactured under innovative Swiss-Made precision, the brand has embodied the definition of not only reliable, but also essential gear. One of the main features that make these watches so essential is their ALWAYS VISIBLE feature. Employed on all Luminox watches, the ALWAYS VISIBLE function is powered by an innovative Luminox Light Technology (LLT), a self-powered illumination system that utilizes tiny micro gas light tubes to create ultimate visibility in complete darkness, under any conditions.


This unique and advanced Swiss technology allows the watches to ensure at-a-glance visibility, meaning the watches provide a constant glow 24/7 for up to 25 years. While other watch brands use a phosphorescent paint on the markers that require an external light source to produce a “luminous effect”, Luminox does not. This feature is one of the main reasons why the U.S. Navy SEALs asked Luminox to create special dive watches that would suit and serve them in their night time missions. This technology is very suitable for special force teams in that it does not require pushing of buttons for light activation, thus providing easy and excellent visibility.



The proprietary technology lies in the functionality of the tiny tritium gas tubes, otherwise known as borosilicate glass capsules, which remain ALWAYS VISIBLE on the hour markers, hands, and in some cases on the bezels. This technology is especially unique in that although it contains tritium, it is completely safe for day-to-day wear.


While Luminox’s proprietary LLT allows for a glow of up to 25 years, the brand carries some watch models that feature another luminous technology. Super-Luminova is a luminous technology that is dependent upon external light sources. Super-Luminova "captures light from an outside light source to glow in the dark and its brightness depends on the time, intensity and color of the light that it was exposed to.” Super-Luminova can be found on the dials of Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark Nova watches.


To see more of the Luminox Light Technology in action, take a look at some of the models we’ve picked down below to showcase this truly special and innovative design.


Master Carbon SEAL 3803

Navy SEAL 3502

F-117 Nighthawk 6421

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  • My new 3152 has green markers instead of the blue and orange. Why is that?

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