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Elevate Your Style, Honor the Planet

Luminox | Products and Materials

Durable and sustainable, Luminox timepieces are forged with purpose. Our 316L stainless steel ensures unwavering strength, while up to 80% recycled steel fuels a circular economy. The ECO collection showcases 100% recycled ocean materials, honoring our commitment to the planet. With scratch-resistant sapphire and mineral crystals, our watches withstand any adventure. Embrace the spirit of the warrior, leaving a positive impact on our world.

Choose Luminox. Join the ranks of nature's warriors. Your journey awaits.

CARBONOX™ is an innovative carbon compound material created in 2006 to design ultra-lightweight and durable watches. CARBONOX™ was inspired by professionals around the world who choose carbon because of its perfect combination of strength and resilience. Since its introduction into the Luminox production, it has been highly favored by elite professional and outdoor enthusiasts. Due to its rigid and hard finishes, we can create watch cases that take ruggedness and durability to a whole new level.

Depending on model, 10% to 30% of carbon is used. The balance material is either PC (polycarbonate) or PPS (polyphenylene sulfide). The usage of CARBONOX™ makes the case much harder then normal fossil oil materials used in the watch industry, which offers a longer lifespan as well. Carbon materials are regularly used in high tech industries such as construction, automotive racing and aerospace.

Today, consumers are familiar with carbon in a variety of goods and equipment where it is used as a lightweight alternative to materials such as aluminum.

*CARBONOX™ is a Luminox registered trademark.

Luminox took CARBONOX™ to the next level, CARBONOX™+ is a high performance carbon long bar compound, in which carbon fibers account for 40% of the compound. In addition, to the many consumer benefits already provided by CARBONOX™. The rigidity of the carbon fibers in CARBONOX™+ helps to deliver additional strength to our already strong watch cases. This offers a long lifespan, comparable to stainless steel. Tensile strength of CARBONOX™+ is twice as high as CARBONOX™. The water resistance is three times lower.

CARBONOX™+ showcases a very modern and distinctive gray color to the Luminox watches with visible carbon fiber patterns throughout the case. This effect makes it an even more appealing timepiece.

Glass crystals

Sapphire crystal glass - Our watches are shielded by the legendary strength of sapphire glass crystal. With unrivaled resistance to scratches, it's the ultimate armor for your timepiece —the relentless guardian of your watch's elegance.

Hardened Mineral Crystal - Our watches defy scratches with mineral crystal. Hardened and unstoppable, they shield your timepiece by conquering any challenge, fearlessly.

#tide Ocean Material

Luminox crafts with care, using a sophisticated process to breathe life into discarded treasures. The plastic waste is broken down by a sophisticated sustainable process to its base particles. From waste to wonder. Our timepieces embody the spirit of renewal, as #tide Ocean Material finds a new purpose. Reducing impact, cleaning the seas, empowering local communities.

Luminox leads the charge, turning the tide on plastic pollution. Join the movement, embrace a brighter future.

Stainless Steel and Titanium

Stainless steel: Our steel material already uses a significant percentage of recycled steel. We are trying to further increase this percentage gradually in the long term. We are using stainless steel 316L. Up to 80% of the steel is recycled steel.

Titanium: Some Luminox bracelets are made of Titanium. They make our timepieces extra special. They are very light with a high level of comfort.

Luminox Light Technology (LLT)

Luminox watches contain tiny self-powered micro gas light tubes. These self-powered tubes allows the watches to ensure constant glow 24/7 for up to 25 years.


This advanced and safe fluorescent material gracefully illuminates the hands and indexes, bestowing upon your timepiece an unrivaled readability during the nocturnal hours.

Embrace the fusion of style and functionality, as Super-LumiNova® becomes the ultimate solution for those who demand both.