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The ultimate partnership

Luminox has been a long-time friend and supporter of the Navy SEAL Foundation and is passionate about giving back to the community that has supported its products for so many years. Luminox is proud to be an Official Partner of the Navy SEAL Foundation and hopes to help its mission to provide critical support for the warriors, veterans, and families of Naval Special Warfare.

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Chronograph Movement

The chronograph movement allows the wearer the ability to seamlessly time events, weather below the surface or on solid terrain. The bottom-most sub-dial sports the Navy SEAL foundation logo, proudly adorning the foundation’s insignia.

Watch Set

The Navy SEAL Foundation Chronograph set comes with the option of a sand-colored rubber strap or deep green webbing strap, paying homage to the diverse conditions they work in, whether it be the rough sands of the desert or the harsh humidity of the jungle.

Dive Capabilities

The watch features 200-meter water resistance and like every Luminox timepiece, it incorporates Luminox Light Technology, making sure that your timepiece is visible in any light conditions for up to 25 years. 

The Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community is renowned as the world's most elite fighting force, operating beyond the scope of conventional forces. They excel in strategic reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue, and various specialized missions. With an extraordinary legacy of service that dates back to WWII, the SEALs have executed some of the highest-risk, no-fail operations in history.

Established in 2000, the Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF) is dedicated to supporting NSW veterans and their families across five pillars: strength, resilience, health, education, and community. The NSF assists veterans in transitioning from military service, facilitating opportunities, and providing comprehensive care and community for them and their families.

Luminox's association with Naval Special Warfare (NSW) traces back to 1992 when Nick North, the Assistant RDT&E Officer for the Navy SEALs, sought a reliable watch for night missions. Luminox proved to be the solution, and their partnership with the world's toughest maritime commandos has spanned over 25 years. Luminox partners with the world's toughest maritime commandos to continuously hone and refine a watch tough enough and useful enough to be considered “first-line gear” for the finest warriors.

In alignment with the NSF mission, Luminox is proud to be an official partner in its service and support to NSW through annual donations, co-branded custom timepieces, and joint marketing activities.

The Navy SEAL Foundation is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, national, non-profit benevolent organization headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. The Foundation is a resolute cornerstone for the Naval Special Warfare community and their families in times of adversity and triumph.

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