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Luminox's Automatic Watch Movements

Luminox automatic watches get their power from the natural motion of your wrist, ensuring elite precision with their timekeeping. Inside each piece is an intricate ensemble of gears and springs that powers itself with your every movement. These self-winding mechanisms transform your daily activities into a constant source of power. No batteries, no manual winding – just the reliable combination of craftsmanship and innovation that keeps time in perpetual motion for 38 continuous hours.

With all our Automatic timepieces, enjoy a machine that embodies both the artistry and the precision of Swiss engineering. Enjoy the durability and utility that Luminox is known for, powered by a reliable automatic movement.


Over the years, Luminox has assembled a robust collection of Automatic Timepieces that span the spectrum of design. With an unwavering commitment to style and functionality, these timepieces uphold a consistent level of quality despite their aesthetic differences. From the effortless elegance of the Automatic Sport Timer to the rugged charm of the Master Carbon SEAL Automatic, each watch is purposefully and meticulously crafted to perform to the highest level of scrutiny. Every detail, from the precision-cut cases to the thoughtfully designed bezels, showcases a quality of timeless class.

Using our Automatic Watches

  1. Wear your watch carefully.
  2. Gently move your wrists until you see the watch’s hands moving again.
  3. Make the necessary date and time adjustments, if needed.