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Time to push the boundaries - What's your red line?

Master Carbon SEAL Automatic

When a driver red-lines a car, pushing its engine to the absolute performance limits, it's this moment when the driver and car together are pushed to their maximum. Now, it's time for you to redefine your limits and ask yourself, what's your red line? Step up to the challenge, embrace the raw intensity, and discover the uncharted territory of your true potential. Are you ready to push the boundaries, break free from the ordinary, and leave your mark on the asphalt?

500 pieces worldwide. Available at select retail stores.


Unleash your potential. CARBONOX™+ is a high-performance carbon long bar compound with carbon fibers accounting for 40% of the compound. In addition to the ultra-lightweight feel and shock and scratch resistance, CARBONOX™+ delivers:

  • Ultra-strong watch case, thanks to the rigidity of the carbon fibers.
  • CARBONOX™+ imparts a very modern and distinctive gray color to the Luminox watches
  • Carbon fibers pattern is visible on the watch case, making it a unique and appealing timepiece


Automatic SELLITA SW 220-1 Movement. Powered by the wearer. A see-through case back showcases the movement and the automatic rotor.

Design Details

In a sea of ordinary timepieces, choose the one that represents your willingness to go beyond. What's your red line?

The black dial features white numerals and a red line across the center of the watch as a constant reminder to continue to push your boundaries and exceed expectations. A comfortable vibrant red Cut-To-Fit rubber strap, luminescent hour markers, and 200m water resistance complete the rugged yet refined design, empowering you to push your boundaries.

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