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Joining forces for a carbon-neutral future

Luminox x Fairventures World Wide

The FairVentures Organization implements large-scale reforestation projects in the tropics. To do this, this non-profit forms partnerships with local communities to develop and test adequate local solutions. These solutions range from reforestation with fast-growing tree species to the production of sustainable timber and integrated agroforestry which also creates new income opportunities for local people.

Luminox is committed to blending traditional Swiss watch-making heritage and design with a forward thinking commitment to our planet's future. Our goal by partnering with FairVentures is to offset our Carbon Emissions by becoming carbon neutral through the process of planting trees.

1,000,000+ distributed tree seedlings

1,250 reforested plots

More than 500 hectares reforested


FairVentures Worldwide envisions to be a global leader in the reforestation of degraded land and the conservation of biodiverse forests on a large scale, in economically viable systems that benefit local communities.



FairVentures combines best-practice agroforestry and technology to create sustainable forests where local communities can economically thrive and global value-chain actors can contribute to reforestation, increased biodiversity and the reversal of climate change.



FairVentures Worldwide works along the entire value chain of timber. We educate consumers and traders, support the processing trade in product innovations and advise about the topics of reforestation, soil improvement and land rights.

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