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#tide ocean materials are made from 100% ocean-bound plastic, developed in partnership with Swiss scientists. On five islands in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand, local fishermen are being trained and paid to gather and sort plastic waste.

Our commitment

Today, everyone has to do their part to make the world a better, and more sustainable, place to live. For Luminox, this has meant revamping its production processes, as well as partnering with a Swiss company to collect plastic and waste from the ocean and using those materials to create the #tide series of watches.

The process

The #tide material starts out as this collected plastic waste, which is then broken down by a sophisticated sustainable process to its base particles. These are treated, cleaned, and then shredded so that they can be injected, just like the original plastic it once was. In this way, Luminox reuses this material, reduces the impact on the planet, and helps to clean up the ocean, while also helping these indigenous people learn a new skill and make a regular income.

With the #tide series watches, you can feel good about helping Luminox make a difference. People talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve – with the #TIDE material series from Luminox, you can wear your environmental commitment on your wrist.