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For the toughest challenges

Navy SEAL Colormark

3050 Series

In 2007 Luminox introduced the Navy SEAL Colormark 3050 series – the evolution of the Original. This timepiece marks a significant milestone in Luminox's partnership with the Navy SEALs, pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. Step into the world of true innovation and be captivated with its pronounced "turtle shape," a bold departure from its predecessors in the 3000 series. Its distinctive design commands attention and exudes a sense of rugged elegance. Join the legacy of extraordinary individuals who have embraced the Luminox Original Navy SEAL Colormark 3050 series.

This timepiece is more than a watch; it's a symbol of unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Turtle Shaped CARBONOX™ Case

The Original Navy SEAL Colormark 3050 series is a revolutionary fusion of style and strength. Its unmistakable turtle-shaped case, crafted with precision from CARBONOX™, commands attention at 45 mm. Embrace the spirit of adventure with confidence, as this timepiece boasts a protected crown and uni-directional rotaiting bezel, always ready for action.

It's time to make a statement that echoes the boldness of your spirit.

Dive Capability

Plunge into precision with the Luminox Original Navy SEAL Colormark 3050 series. Built for the difficult mission, this timepiece boasts an impressive 200-meter dive capability.



Embrace the unrivaled glow that illuminates your every mission for an astounding 25 years. From the darkest nights to the most clandestine operations, its luminosity never wavers.

Embrace the night with unwavering confidence, guided by a watch that brings light to the darkest corners.