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Mentally Unyielding, Physically Invincible

Navy SEAL Chronograph

3580 Series

"The only easy day was yesterday" is a saying embraced by the SEALs as meaning that every day you should work harder than the last, making the previous day seem easier. The saying is etched above the grinder at the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) compound.

The SEAL candidates are put through some of the most mentally challenging and physically demanding training in the world of a period of 6 months. The training course takes place in the Naval Special Warfare Training in Coronado, California. The Navy SEAL Chronograph 3580 series takes this quote as inspiration and carries the saying in its dial as a reminder to those candidates as well who resonate with it.

This timepiece is for those with strongest character who give everything they have to accomplish their mission and support those on their team.

Chronograph Movement

Embrace the power of accuracy as you embark on your missions, be it in the depths of the ocean or the most challenging terrains. With Luminox' Navy SEAL Chronograph 3580 series, you can trust that every moment is measured with unwavering precision, empowering you to seize every opportunity and conquer every mission.


Unleash the power of the Navy SEAL Chronograph 3680 series. Its CARBONOX(tm) case and uni-directional rotating bezel are the dynamic duo that redefine precision. Built to conquer the toughest challenges, this timepiece combines rugged durability with unrivaled style. The CARBONOX(tm) case stands as a testament to resilience, crafted to withstand any mission with unwavering strength. Get ready to seize every moment and redefine what's possible with unwavering determination.

Stainless Steel Caseback

The Navy SEAL Chronograph 3680 series has a 316L stainless steel screw-on caseback stands as an impenetrable fortress, ensuring unwavering strength and water resistance.Embrace this collection as every detail is a testament to strength and precision. Let it be your steadfast companion, propelling you towards greatness with unwavering determination.

Dive Capability

Experience the freedom and confidence that comes with a timepiece built for the depths. Embrace the 200 meter dive capability of the Navy SEAL Chronograph 3680 series, and let your aquatic missions unfold with unmatched resilience.