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Unlock the power of aviation history with Luminox AIR Series – the official watch partner of Lockheed Martin®, the American Aerospace engineering juggernaut. Immerse yourself in the legacy of three groundbreaking aircraft, reimagined in the form of Luminox timepieces. Crafted with unrivaled precision and unwavering dedication, our watches capture the essence of innovation and excellence.

Elevate your style and embrace the spirit of flight with Luminox AIR – where legendary aircraft meet extraordinary timekeeping.


9600 Series

This collection is inspired by a revolutionary airplane known as the Constellation®. It is also fondly nicknamed, Connie. The plane was a game changer for both civil and military aviation, setting flight time records including the quickest flight from Burbank, CA to Washington, DC in 1944 in just under 7 hours at an average speed of 331 miles/hour (roughly 533 km/hour).


9520 Series

The Luminox Air Pilot P-38 LIGHTNING® lives up to the storied fighter jet that heroically served during WWII in both the European and Asian Theaters of Operations. Feared by the enemy because of their maneuverability even at high altitudes, the fighter jet earned the nickname, The Fork Tailed Devil, by the Luftwaffe.

Lockheed’s P-38 LIGHTNING® was an engineering feat of its day, and the new Luminox Air Pilot P-38 pays homage to both the design and functionality of this iconic airplane.


6440 · 6420

The F-117 NIGHTHAWK® was almost invisible to radar, thanks to its design and speed, ‘reflecting’ only a small percentage of its shape in any one direction. From the front, it’s hardly as ‘big’ a Blip on a Radar Screen.

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