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Nature's Inspiration for an adventurous spirit

Leatherback SEA Turtle

0300 Series · 0320 Series

The Leatherback SEA Turtle collection pays homage to the majestic marine creature. Inspired by the resilience and grace of the sea turtle specie, this watch features a distinct sea turtle shaped case with rugged charm.

The Leatherback SEA Turtle is a symbol of adventure, encouraging you to explore the depths of both style and nature.

Turtle shaped CARBONOX™ Case

With its robust CARBONOX™ case, available in 39mm or 44mm, this watch stands as a testament to strength and resilience. Let the fusion of durability and style transport you to the depths of the sea. Embrace the call of the wild and experience adventure with the Leatherback SEA Turtle.

CARBONOX™ Bezel and Caseback

With the extraordinary CARBONOX™, case, bezel and caseback, this timepiece exudes an unmatched blend of strength and style. Crafted to withstand the harshest conditions, the Leatherback SEA Turtle becomes an indomitable force, guiding you through every adventure with unwavering resilience.

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