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Saluting 35 Years of Luminox

The Heritage collection honors our history with three wristwatches that highlights the Luminox legacy. With new additions to our SEA, AIR, and LAND series, these timepieces, are steeped in American Military history and capture the spirit of the brand that has been trusted and requested by the US Navy SEALs for three decades. 


The Luminox Heritage SEA is a brilliant reimagining of the Original Navy SEAL on the 30th anniversary of the wristwatch that tied Luminox to the US Navy SEALs. As the story goes, In 1992, the Assistant Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) Officer for the Navy SEALs, Chief Nick North, and Luminox worked together to develop a watch specifically for the SEALs, leading to the creation of the Navy SEAL 3000 Series.

This Heritage series wristwatch takes the iconic design from the original and adds a robust stainless-steel bezel, an ultra-durable sapphire crystal, and precise ETA quartz movement.


The Luminox Heritage AIR renews the F-117 NIGHTHAWK® wristwatch and honors the revolutionary work done by Lockheed Martin’s top-secret Skunk Works® program. For decades, this program has been a leader in creating advanced technology solutions and innovating U.S. aviation. The Skunk Works® logo is featured in Super-LumiNova® on the dial, allowing it to glow in the dark.

This special timepiece includes the Lockheed Martin® and Skunk Works® logos engraved on the case back to further celebrate this beacon of American innovation. 


Strap into the ultimate mission watch with the Heritage LAND RECON Point Man wristwatch. This timepiece honors the brave individuals who operate at the forefront of recon units. The Point Man empowers the bold to lead with precision and confidence by featuring cardinal points on the inner bezel, a tachymeter to measure walking speed, and KM/MI markers on the dial. Experience a wristwatch engineered for some of the world’s bravest warriors.

Celebrating 35 Years of Unrivalled Illumination

The Luminox heritage is built into its name: Lumi — Latin for light and Nox — Latin for night, bringing to life the essence of the brand.

Luminox Light Technology is a system of self-powered micro gas light tubes installed in the hands and hour makers. These micro-gas tubes are designed to glow up to 25 years in any light condition, ensuring unparalleled visibility and reliability.

Challenge Coin

Included with every Heritage watch is a Luminox Challenge Coin. These commemorative tokens have been a staple of the militaries worldwide and are used as a symbol of recognition for service, special achievement, or an event.

A History of Excellence

Luminox is proud to equip the world’s most powerful tactical entities. Whether it’s the aviation giants, Lockheed Martin®, or the US Navy SEALs themselves, Luminox is honored that our technical prowess has allowed us to be the timepiece of choice for American titans.

Built to Last

All three heritage collection wristwatches come equipped with a hardened, reliable CARBONOX™ case. This signature Luminox compound was introduced in 2006 and is composed of carbon long bars and carbon powder. Equal parts, durable, and lightweight, the CARBONOX™ case ensures rugged reliability.