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The perfect watch strap

Cut-to-Fit Straps

Cut-To-Fit XL Length straps are all 24 mm wide, and features a diver-buckle with double security.

These rubber straps can be cut to fit any wrist for a perfect custom fit.

This strap can be cut to fit any wrist as follows:

  1. Download our ruler shown below.
  2. Print out the ruler and cut out along the lines.
  3. Wrap your wrist around the paper ruler.
  4. Use a pen or pencil to mark the right millimeter that feels comfortable to you.
  5. Open up the Cut-to-Fit Strap from its packaging.
  6. Remove the spring bar and the buckle from the strap on the watch using a small pin or strap changing tool (tool not included).
  7. Place the strap on a flat surface.
  8. Aling the paper ruler on top of the strap.
  9. Use a pencil to mark the same length on the Cut-to-Fit Strap you marked on the paper ruler.
  10. Use a pair of scissors and cut strap down to the mark you placed.
  11. Re-attach the buckle to the strap and secure.

* You will need to remove the straps from our watch (tool maybe required).

**All Cut-to-Fit Straps come equipped with a quick release pins.