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For those who serve and adventure

Commando Raider

Our Commando Raider Series is a testament to the valor and dedication of military forces worldwide. Crafted in collaboration with military and law enforcement expert Andrea Michaeli, this collection stands as a pinnacle of reliability and precision. Designed to serve active military, police personnel, and adventure enthusiasts alike, the Commando Raider Series seamlessly blends versatility with unwavering performance.

Join the ranks of the elite with a watch that meets the demands of the most challenging missions.


This collection, encased in CARBONOX™, embodies the strength and resilience demanded by active military, police, and adventure enthusiasts. Experience the unmatched durability of the 46 mm CARBONOX™ case, designed to withstand the harshest missions. Join the ranks of those who demand reliability, versatility, and precision.

The Commando Raider Series, where excellence meets exceptional engineering.

Compass Rose

Embark on a mission with the Commando Raider Series by Luminox, an homage to global military units. This collection exudes Luminox's signature traits of toughness, luminosity, water resistance, and legibility, enhanced by the commanding presence of a compass rose.

Navigate uncharted territories with unwavering precision and unwavering confidence as the integrated compass rose guides your path within the CARBONOX™ unidirectional countdown bezel.

Lithium Battery

At its core lies a lithium long-life battery, a game-changer that delivers unparalleled endurance for over 8 years. Imagine a timepiece that keeps ticking relentlessly, no matter the challenge. Elevate your wrist with the Commando Raider Series – The true meaning of longevity and seize every moment with confidence.

Dive Capability

With an impressive water resistance of 200 meters, this timepiece defies the depths with unwavering confidence. Experience the freedom to explore without limits, as the Commando Raider Series takes you on a journey of unmatched durability and precision.

Strap in for the Mission

Experience the perfect blend of durability and comfort with the Commando Raider watch's Cut-To-Fit strap. Choose from green or black strap options on a black CARBONOX™ case.

The 24 mm strap offers versatility, while the quick release bar ensures easy changes. Embrace functionality and style with Luminox's Commando Raider watch.

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