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Built by and for professionals

Commando Raider

3300 Series

The Commando Frogman 3300 is adventure and resilience embodied. This timepiece is a highly versatile timepiece for all professional military, police personnel, outdoor adventurers and other peak performers.

It's the ultimate night vision gear to facilitate you in all kinds of tough situations. Conquer every challenge with the Commando Frogman by your side.


Experience strength and style with the 46 mm Carbonox™ case of the Commando Frogman series. Its uni-directional turning bezel, enhanced with an aluminum ring, adds an extra touch of sophistication. Dive into missions with confidence and conquer every endeavor with this exceptional timepiece.

Sapphire glass crystal

The Commando Frogman series features a sapphire glass crystal, ensuring unparalleled clarity and durability. This high-quality crystal protects your timepiece from scratches and guarantees exceptional readability in any situation.

Dive Capabilities

With its remarkable 200-meter dive capability, the Commando Frogman series is built to conquer the depths of the ocean. Designed to withstand extreme underwater conditions, this timepiece ensures your safety and confidence during aquatic missions.

Lithium Battery

Embrace the Commando Frogman series and its unstoppable energy. Powered by a lithium long life battery that lasts over 8 years, this timepiece becomes your unyielding companion. Conquer every challenge, and stay in control of your time with unwavering power.