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Style that defies limits

Atacama Field

Inspired by the unforgiving Atacama Desert, a battleground of nature's harshest extremes. With scorching a heat reaching 104°F and bone-chilling cold plunging to 41°F, only the bravest adventures dare to tread these rugged lands. Our Atacama Field collection is crafted for the fearless and those with indomitable spirit. Whether conquering the wild or conquering the day, its rugged elegance and timeless design make it an perfect companion, ensuring you exude confidence and style in any setting.

Elevate your journey, redefine what's possible, and let the Atacama Field Automatic collection be your trusted companion on the exhilarating adventure we call life.

Automatic Movement

The heart of this remarkable timepiece lies in its automatic watch movement, ensuring precision and reliability. With an impressive 38 hours power reserve, it keeps pace with your every move, no matter how long the journey.Embrace the blend of resilience and style as you venture forth with the Atacama Field Automatic.

Designed for the ultimate adventurers.

Stainless Steel Case

Built to withstand the elements, the 44 mm stainless steel case exudes strength and durability, while the screw-in caseback ensures unwavering performance. From daring escapades to everyday wear, this timepiece is ready for any adventure.Embrace the call of the wild and seize the opportunity to conquer new frontiers. With the Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Series, you'll experience the perfect blend of rugged style and unwavering reliability.

Sapphire Glass Crystal

Conquer the elements with the Atacama Field Automatic collection. Featuring a sapphire glass crystal, its anti-reflective coating ensures unmatched clarity in any condition. Unleash your untamed spirit with precision and style.

Strap Options

Choose your companion wisely from the stainless steel bracelet or the versatile textile strap in dark green or dark blue. Ready for any expedition, this collection seamlessly blends extreme adventure with everyday versatility.