Authorized Resellers & Retailers

Luminox's Official Authorized Reseller & Retailer Benefits For Authentic Luminox Products

Purchasing Luminox products from one of Luminox's Authorized Resellers qualifies you for very important benefits:

  • The most up to date Luminox product information and individual promotional offers
  • Products purchased from Authorized Luminox Resellers are eligible for Luminox's Two Year limited warranty coverage in the event the product may require warranty service
  • Knowledge that the products were-purchased by specifically selected and trusted resellers directly from Luminox or an authorized  Luminox distributor
  • Knowledge that the products have been handled in a safe and legal manner
  • Highly reduced risk of counterfeit products, or products that have been opened or tampered with prior to purchase.
  • Product and technical support for your purchase from our authorized Luminox service center
  • Authorized Resellers receive continuous product and service updates from Luminox's reseller sales & support teams

Luminox strongly urges consumers to only purchase from Luminox Authorized Resellers who proudly display the Luminox Authorized Retailer Badge and are found in our STORE LOCATOR HERE

Luminox Timepieces and other products are sold across the United States to and through a network of Luminox Authorized Resellers. These resellers have been selected by Luminox as the most qualified stores to represent our products to you. This network of resellers has been educated by Luminox to offer the best possible product training, accurate product and promotional information, and appropriately represent Luminox's timepiece and other products both in their stores and on their websites. These authorized resellers receive, store, and ship products in a manner recommended by Luminox to avoid damage to the product ultimately received by the customer. In many cases, these resellers have the authority and training to properly service your Luminox product.


Unfortunately Luminox products are, at times, advertised and sold by companies that are not authorized and are not educated and prepared by Luminox to sell genuine Luminox products. Luminox products obtained by these companies are not purchased from Luminox, but may instead be obtained through a secondary "gray" market. These goods could possibly be defective, damaged, "B" stock goods, counterfeit products, or even stolen goods.

Please note that is a Luminox Authorized Reseller, but it is important to note that not all 3rd party resellers of Luminox products on are authorized. When purchasing on it is important to notice which reseller (, or another marketplace vendor) you are actually purchasing product from. This information can be found under "seller information" on the product page. If you are uncertain if a reseller is authorized, please visit contact us.

Please note that Luminox products purchased from companies that are not authorized will not be eligible for any extended warranty coverage that may be available for products purchased from Authorized Resellers.