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  • I have owned 3 or more of this watches, I started with the basic and upgraded for the ANU. The watch started very nice, but the weight broke at least two rubber straps. I had to put a nylon with smell like a wet dog! recently it just stopped moving! I am supposed to send it for repair but I already spent over 140$ in straps+700$+ new repair! CONCLUSION don’t waste your money in this brand, rather spend 1000 on a tag or better warranty watch.

    Martin on
  • Wanted a Luminox for literal years. Finally pulled the trigger on one as a college graduation gift to myself. I spent over $400 on this thing. I’ve owned this watch for 2 years now and have maybe worn it 6 months of that time. I stopped wearing it because it has already began to fall apart. The bezel at the top is chipped and cracked. The arm band is extremely faded and has begun disintegrating and is extremely hard to take on and off. Overall this thing is JUNK. Extremely disappointed that for $400 this thing has held up worse than the G-shock I bought over a decade ago for literally 1/4 of the price. I will NEVER buy Luminox ever again extremely overpriced junk.

    Josh Sutterfield on
  • I received a luminox watch for Christmas from my wife that I wore literally 5 to 6 times. I went to put it on and it stopped working. I replaced the battery and still nothing. Honestly, if i had actually wore the watch, used the watch I wouldn’t be mad. I’ve wanted a luminox watch for many years, I finally get one and I take care of it, didn’t even wear it and its broke. I’m highly disappointed and I will NEVER buy another. I thought luminox was a quality watch, $425. For a watch that was only worn 5-6 times. AGAIN…I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER LUMINOX! JUNK IS JUNK! VERY DISAPPOINTED!

    James Davis on
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