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TOUGH STORIES - Quitting Never Crosses My Mind.

A powerful and personal statement by Nick North, retired Navy SEALs

“I was always looking for the schedule, and there's the next evolution, and I'd be ready for it, and I'd go do that evolution. Then we would do the next one, then the next one. We would just keep moving forward.

In special operations, as in life, if you are to improve, you must continue to do better than yesterday, and that is a challenge. It is a phrase of continuous improvement. You never let up, always be your best, and continue to do better than you've done before. You will not always succeed, but you must always believe you will succeed. Anything short of that belief will lead to failure.

Yesterday is done. Today's tasks are before me. There are only two rules in life, improve or

deteriorate. There's nothing in between, it doesn't exist, it's an illusion.

If you're going to continuously improve, you must meet new challenges and succeed. Every success means that the next challenge will be more arduous. If it's not, then it's not a challenge.

Constant improvement, every single cycle through.

The only easy day was yesterday. I will NEVER QUIT”

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