Our Marketing Team spends some time interviewing US Army Special Forces Captain, Devoted Father and Husband, 2015 Spartan Race World Champion and Official Luminox Brand Ambassador: ROBERT KILLIAN as he prepares for the 2019 Spartan Race World Championships!

Luminox: We know your eye is on the 1st place prize this year leading up to the 2019 world championships, how are you preparing?

Robert: The 2019 season has been full of challenges. Early in March I suffered from a torn Meniscus and MCL sprain that had me on crutches for over two weeks. Doctors said I would need corrective surgery but that would have taken me completely out of racing OCR for the entire year. I decided to forgo surgery and focus on physical therapy with strength training to see if that would allow me to get back to running again. After a lot of hard work my prayers were answered and I slowly began to build my fitness back. Knowing I would be out of the US Championship series, I shifted my complete focus to Tahoe. For training I’ve been working a lot on uphill technical mountain running to specifically prepare for the World Championship race. I train at an elevation of 6800ft ASL which is similar to that of Squaw Valley, so I feel right at home running 12-14 miles through the mountains. For strength training I focus on functional fitness with a lot of high intensity resistance training. With a military background I’m very familiar with carrying weight on my back and do long sandbag carries at least three times a week right after my run for about 1200m.

Luminox: What lessons did you take with you from the 2018 World Championships, are you doing anything differently than last year?

Robert: One of the things I learned most in 2018 is to focus more on downhill running. I worked hard to build a good lead but lost it on the final decent with no obstacles to slow anyone down.  I’ve also worked to become more focused on obstacle technique since that’s where I lot a bit of time to other athletes in 2018. However, the interesting thing about OCR is that no two courses are the similar, even at the same venue obstacles, terrain or even the weather can all drastically change everything. My main focus has been to stay strong in all areas because what may have been an area to improve on from a previous race may not even be a factor the next time around. I believe that’s why I was so successful in 2015, I came in well balances, not the fastest, best at obstacles, nor strongest but I rather the most consistent across all three domains.

Luminox: How important is timing and wearing a watch during race day?

For me it’s very important to race with a watch and monitor my time during any event. I have my nutrition dialed in to know exactly how many calories I need to consume per hour of racing. Having a watch also allows you to spot your completion and get a time ahead or back to know what kind of distance you need to make up. If you’ve competed on the same course or distance in the past you should also know a round about time to finish so wearing a watch will let you know about how much time you have left to allow for adjusted efforts as needed. But most importantly durability and accuracy are paramount which is why I trust Luminox to meet the harsh demands of OCR.

Luminox: Outside of the race, what are you most looking forward to during the World Championship weekend?

The thing I’m looking forward to the most at The Spartan Race World Championship is the community. The amazing athletes are really what makes OCR such an amazing a supportive sport. I’ve been involved in a number of other sports and there is just no community of athletes like OCR. I can’t wait to talk to everyone and be a part of the indescribable atmosphere that surrounds the Spartan World Champs. You can only know what I’m talking about by experiencing it for yourself. So I challenge you to make every second count, even if you’re not racing, make the trip and be a part of history. 

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