How to use your Bear Grylls MASTER Series Chronograph

The Chronograph continues to be one of the most popular and sought after watches, yet it is also one of the most underutilized and misunderstood complications. 

So, what is a Chronograph? 

A Chronograph is a type of watch that is has a stopwatch combined with the aspects of a regular watch. A regular watch simply just tells time. A chronograph has more uses and functions. 

How do you use a Chronograph?           

This stopwatch timing function is separate from the main time-telling function of the watch and can be used to record events. It is operated by two pushers on either side of the crown. The top pusher can be used to start/stop the timer and the bottom can be used to reset the timer. This stopwatch can be used as a reliable tool in various survival situations...remember: EVERY SECOND COUNTS.


How can you use your Bear Grylls MASTER Series Chronograph?

Chronographs are often considered tool watches, since they can help you in specific situations, much like a pocketknife, screw driver or hammer could. Chronographs are not just for survival situations or timing races – they offer many practical uses. For example, try tracking your cooking times, parking meters, walks or runs, exercise routines or meetings. Here are some of the way our customers like to use their chronograph: 

  1. Divers, such as Scott Cassell, counting the length of their breath holds 
  2. Lawyers tracking billable hours
  3. Robert Killian, Luminox OCR Athlete, timing his workouts

A chronograph and all of it's accurate functions is a testament to the craftsmanship of the watch and is the main reason why chronograph watches have a higher price tag.

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