Hi, my name is Andrew Nunez and I am a Trainer at Barry's Bootcamp in Los Angeles. I am originally from Atlanta, GA but have been living in Los Angeles for four months. Fitness has always been in my life from middle school, all the way to college where I was granted a cross country scholarship. I knew right after college that I wanted to help people find confidence within themselves. My favorite saying is "Good Morning Team", I am very active in the community and love to help those workout on the road if they are always on the go! You can find me on instagram: @andrewnunez_3 

• Where did your passion for fitness and an active lifestyle stem from?

My passion for fitness it all started back in my high school days where I was introduced to sports, to be specific, I was introduced to Cross Country, Track and Field, and Basketball. From there, my passion for fitness grew more in the running world, where I was honored with a scholarship for track and field. 

• You were originally supposed to race in the Super 10 mile unfortunately due to weather conditions it got cancelled and as a result ran the 3.6 mile sprint. With that being said how did you train or prepare?

In all honesty, I didn't feel like I was prepared for the race. As a trainer/coach, I tell every client and/or student that you need to know what you are preparing for. My strong base for endurance might have been there, but I was missing the technique of how to attack the course or work on the details such has climbing, pulling, and carrying. I have definitely learned the ins & out of the course and looking forward to attack it differently in the future. 

• How does the Luminox motto & hashtag #EverySecondCounts fit into your life?

The Luminox motto & hashtag #EverySecondCounts fits into my life perfectly because it's exactly what I strive for day in and day out. Every second of the day is a second that is meaningful. Sometimes, we go through life thinking we are living forever and forget that we only have this life. We need to make the best out of the great days and even the worst days. We have to find the beauty of every hour, every minute, every second of that day. 

• This was your first Spartan Race, but with your track background; how was this different from other marathons or races?

Honestly a big difference. With my background in marathons, 10k's and 5k's, this was honestly very tough. It was a different kind of exhausted that you would feel from running a marathon. There is a constant change of movement in the Spartan Race from jumping, pulling, climbing, sliding, etc. and it is tough for you to catch a rhythm. As for running long distance, you pretty much are setting a pace and trying to maintain that pace for a while. 


• What obstacle did you find to be the most challenging and why?

I would say anything that had to do with climbing or pulling. With the mixture of sweat, mud, and being wet; it was tough to grasp the ropes or handles to climb the obstacles. That is one thing I didn't put much thought.

• What aspect of the Spartan Race did you find the most enjoyable? 

I loved the unity and the aspect that people would cheer you on and try to motivate you to keep pushing. There is definitely a unity in this community.

Make sure to check out Andrew's Instagram to get some daily motivation and workout tips: 

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